Thursday, August 28, 2008

My friends are funny

I have realized over the past few weeks that my friends are funny. Like, really funny. Way funnier than your friends. As an ode to them, I am going to share my favorite Olympic (and sports) quotes from my friends (it's mostly Mary, cause she's the only one who is almost as obsessed with the Olympics as I am)

Mary: i wish there was an olympic schedule search function, where you can type in an athlete's name and it will tell you when he/she will be on.
Mary: "when will hot, single, shirtless men be featured? tuesday at 9 pm? excellent. I'm there"

Sara: I am about to go to bed, but I just wanted to let you know that synchronized swimming makes me embarrassed to be a swimmer
Sara: I feel like I forget how lame it is over the course of the four years, my burning hatred kind of mellows
Sara: "these two picked a light jazzy routine." They actually just said that.

Mary: synchronized swimmers, rhythmic gymasts, and trampoliners are just a waste of olympic medals that could just be given to Michael Phelps

Sara: I've decided I'd rather eat bad food and watch people work out (olympics) than work out and watch the food network

Mary: if I were a diver, a male one, I would list in my Olympic bio under interests: "women." that's it.

Susan: I've had pretty much No motivation this week whatsoever. all i do is think about the olympics and how i want aaron piersol Mary: Check out the shoulder tattoo...HOT...he looks dirty.

"Dear Ryan Lochte: There's no need to speak. Just stand there & look hot. Thanks. Signed, Everyone"

Me: I’m so mad, I would have been such a good swimmer, with my abnormally long torso, midget legs and big shoulders. My parents are assholes

Sara: I am totally on team USA dont get the wrong idea... but dont you ever want to go into the locker room and cheat with Alain Bernard from France???

Mary: omg last night's heats were so hot. Lochte and Phelps
and Peirsol

Normal people, good people watch gymnastics and take it very, very personally. No matter how creepy the little freaks are. But we're lucky this year, because our little freaks are Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. – SportSquee, a really funny blog.

Amy: I was crying watching it last night. I got SO into it
I love gymnastics.
I used to do floor gymnastics competitions!
I could have been good if i didnt get boobs and a butt
Amy: It would have helped too if my father was the coach

Chelsey Kelly
in search of a (fantasy) football primer, although my plan of drafting the hottest player available at the time has seemed to work in the past

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