Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics Day 1... early August 9th

The morning started off with me watching the USA women's basketball team defeat the Czechs by something like 40... great way to start the morning. It was a dominating win, but I still can't believe how many shots and layups both teams were missing.

But once that was over, USA was carrying the Angola vs. France women's handball game, and MSNBC was showing dressage. It's like, I lose both ways. I decided to give each a chance... but both were as ridiculous as I assumed. Handball is pretty physical, but dressage is a joke. You don't even know what they are doing, what scores they get, or even what they are supposed to be doing - they did nothing, NOTHING, to sway my opinion.

Then real sports came on... the US women's volleyball took on a strong Japanese team, but beat them 3-1. It was a good match, but marred by the news of the stabbing death of a US men's volleyball coach's father-in-law. He, his wife, daughter (a 2004 Olympian herself) and a Chinese tour guide were attacked by a Chinese terrorist in a tourist area. The daughter was unharmed, but the wife and tour guide are both in critical condition at the hospital. THe murderer then committed suicide. A sad, sad event to start the games.

But back to sports - the US women put on a good show! Their best player is 6'7", and was just putting away kill after kill, really pummeling Japan's best player... who is 5'7. Can we say mismatch?!

Now I am watching women's fencing. The US women swept the medals in the sabre, and thats cool and all, but I now need to add fencing to my list of events that are NOT sports, and should not be in the Olympics. It is completely ridiculous. All they have to do is touch the other person above the waist. I dont get the draw, but congrats to the US women.

OH and I watched women's weightlifting -- the women were 106 pound and were lifting 237. It was incredible. but the Chinese woman who won was a literal machine ... its only her 2nd international competition (hmmm), the first being the World Championships in 2007 where she won gold (hmmmm). She set the Olympic Record, and didn't miss a single lift (hmmm)... I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin' - seems a little too good to be true, coming out of nowhere to just completely dominate the best in the world.

OK, so many random sports to watch, so little time... I'll probably get carpal tunnel (sp?) from flicking the channels so much.


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Sara said...

i watched that chinese weight lifter was all very ivan drago. i kept looking around for brigitte nielsen...