Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Countdown to the greatest two weeks of every four years

Yes. I am obsessed with the Olympics. I mean, literally obsessed. In 1996 I was staying with my grandparents in Mexico and I got the dreaded curse. Luckily, the Olympics were on to save me from my misery. I watched morning-noon-and night. Track and field, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, rowing, archery, I DO NOT CARE. I catalogued all of the medal winners (I was 13 get off my back).

I really can't get enough of the Olympics. I even went out and got a bigger tv (I had a 19 inch because I'm cheap). I would DIE for HD, but, alas, can't afford it :(

ANYWAY. I will be writing a lot about the Olympics. I'll start my preview asap (unfortunately I have "work" I have to do first).



Sara said...

is it wrong that i am super excited that the olympic mascot is a panda!?!?!
maybe on this blog it is.....

THIS Sports Chick said...

No, anything that will get you to watch sports is a good thing, even if it is the mascot. And duh, pandas are adorable so of course it's exciting.